“Once upon a time” – This is how all great stories start, and we know very well that there is always a great deal of ups and downs before we can arrive at a happy ending. Green Comfort’s story began in 1994, when we, founders Hans Jørgen Millner and Jesper Stærmose, first took hold of the material that would become the very DNA of our newly established company.

The material’s shock-absorbing properties were completely unique, and ever since then, our globally patented sole has been at the heart of all three million pairs of footwear that we have delivered to Nordic feet over the years.

Here at Green Comfort, it took a lot of development work before we were able to gain recognition for our iconic footwear concept which was able to combine excellent comfort with the trends, colours and designs of the time.

With our unique sole as our starting point, the market challenged us in the 90s to design and produced semi-specialised footwear for users who – because of diabetes, gout or for another reason – needed optimal support in their footwear.

By 2005, this concept was well developed and anchored, paving the way for it to be taken over by an independent company, New Feet A/S, which is currently a leading brand within its sector.

Today, Green Comfort A/S offers a broad range of high-tech comfortable footwear with a quality touch of fashion.

Our latest “footprint” is our range of individually handmade woollen shoes produced at our own factory in Nepal.

Even if our development has been strong, we don’t simply undergo change just for the sake of it. Nor are we bound by traditions. We develop – and we are innovative. We ensure that our products are manufactured in a sustainable environment with the bulk of our production taking place in Europe.

The experience of walking in our footwear should always fulfil our vision: EVERY STEP OUR CUSTOMERS TAKE SHOULD BE EXPERIENCED AS A POSITIVE MOVE FORWARD – EACH AND EVERY TIME! You are very welcome to contact one of our 400 resellers in Scandinavia who will be glad to show you our latest collection and tell you all about its exciting new details.